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Whether you are taking possession of a new build or just want to check out your roof after the latest storm, the team at Four Seasons Construction has you covered. Our team has been completing commercial roofing inspections since 2018, and with thousands of inspections under our belt, we have a tried and tested ten-point checklist that we know and love. This checklist lets our clients know exactly what we are looking for and provides a full picture of the actual state of their roof.

Our ten-point checklist


Conduct a walk around

First, our inspector will complete a walk around the building, noting any issues you can see from the ground, including debris, evident blocks or damage to the roof or flashing.


Conduct our initial visual inspection

Next, our inspector will get on the roof and start our detailed inspection. We can tell a lot from an initial look, and it will allow us to focus on issue areas such as ponding water, debris, or other evidence of water pooling.


Clean off debris

While our inspectors are on the roof, they will remove any debris that may have made its way up there, like trash, leaves and branches. We want to ensure that water can quickly drain, and debris is the number one source of damning and other issues with water.


Ponding Water Inspection

Next, our inspectors will look for any issues around ponding water on your roof. Slow-draining lines, blockages or any other issues could cause this. If we have not had rain for a while, our inspectors will look for color changes or stains that could indicate issue spots.


Cracks or Tears Check

One of the most common issues with commercial roofing is cracks and tears in the roofing system. You can expect a few hairline issues, which we can address easily, but anything significant could cause structure damage, leaks or other issues moving forward.



Checking the Parapet Walls

Parapet walls are another significant source of concern, as if they do not have adequately sealed terminations, it can lead to major issues moving forward. We will want to check for any signs of failure or cracking to ensure that the seals are still good.


Check the edging

We will also make sure to check the edge details of your roofing system. This includes checking if everything is still screwed on tight and terminated, along with ensuring no gaps or buckles could lead to water issues.


Inspect the roof surface

We will also spend some time investigating the windward edges of the roof to ensure that your roof can handle the tough Northeast storms. We look at the windward edge because this area is most likely to see lifts or shifts due to repeated wind and driving rain or snow.


Check the gutters

We are not a gutter cleaning team, but the Four Seasons inspectors always check the gutters as they are a prime reason for flooding or other water issues. Whether we suspect ponding or leaks, gutters are always checked in a Four Seasons inspection.


How often should I inspect my roof?

Whether you rent or own, inspecting your roof twice a year is a best practice. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring is the norm.

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When should I get a roof inspection?

Here are the most common reasons to get an inspection.

  • You have leaks or other unexplained issues.
  • There is excessive standing water on your roof.
  • We have had a recent storm with significant hail.
  • It has been six months since your last inspection.
  • You are buying a new property.

Service Area

Four Seasons Construction’s home base is in East Hartford, CT. However, we are proud to offer our commercial roofing services throughout the Northeast, including the entirety of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Along with most of Massachusetts, including the area between Springfield and Boston. As well as southern New York, stretching from Westchester to Putnam and Manhattan. If you are unsure if you are within our service zone, call us, and one of our staff would be happy to let you know if we can work together.


If it is time for a roof inspection, call the Four Seasons Construction inspectors for an honest and thorough inspection.